About Us

About The Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc.

Welcome to Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc., where our passion for quilting meets community spirit. Established in 1978 by a dedicated group of quilting enthusiasts, our organization has grown into a vibrant community of nearly 150 members united by our love for quilting and service.

Our Mission

At Quilters’ Sew-Ciety, our mission is to promote and preserve the art of quilting through education, outreach, and community engagement. We strive to inspire creativity, foster fellowship, and contribute positively to our community through our philanthropic efforts.

What We Do

  • Educational Workshops and Meetings: We host regular workshops and meetings where members can learn new techniques, share their skills, and explore the rich history of quilting.
  • Community Outreach: Through our philanthropic initiatives, we donate quilts to various organizations and individuals in need, spreading warmth and comfort through our craft.
  • Annual Events: Our biennial quilt show and Quilt Bash are highlights on our calendar, providing opportunities for members to showcase their work and celebrate the art of quilting with the wider community.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting out, there’s a place for you at Quilters’ Sew-Ciety. Join us to learn, create, and make a difference in our community through the art of quilting.

Contact Us

Ready to get involved or have questions? Reach out to us at contact@quilterssewciety.org