Stitching for a Cause: Our Quilting Philanthropy

At the Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc., quilting isn’t just a hobby – it’s a heartfelt way to make a difference in our community. As a registered non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, we’re dedicated to using our quilting talents to serve others with warmth, love, and compassion.

Our diverse team of quilters is always eager to lend a helping hand. Some members enjoy piecing together quilt tops, while others find fulfillment in quilting the three layers together or adding the finishing touch with binding. And then there are those who take on the entire quilt-making process from start to finish – each contribution is valued and cherished.

If you have any questions about our philanthropic efforts, please email us at:

Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc.
Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc.
Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc.

In 2023 alone, our philanthropic efforts resulted in the donation of 181 quilts to various organizations and causes, including:

  • Fire Victims in Weed
  • Life Light Pregnancy Help Center
  • Mercy Hospital NICU
  • Mercy Cancer Center
  • One Safe Place
  • Pediatric Department, Shasta Community Health Center
  • Project Linus
  • Quilts of Valor
  • Redding Veterans’ Home (on Knighton Road)
  • Shasta Community Health Center
  • Shasta County Foster Children
  • Shasta County Child Protective Services
  • Shasta Head Start
  • Sierra Oaks Assisted Living
  • United Way, Redding Chapter

These quilts serve as more than just blankets – they’re symbols of warmth, love, caring, and security for the recipients. To further our philanthropic efforts, our Guild hosts an annual sew-in event where members come together for a day of quilting and camaraderie, all in the spirit of giving back to our community.

Join us in spreading warmth and compassion, one stitch at a time.