Quilt Challenges

The pictures displayed are from our 2016 Challenge – Feather Your Nest with Quilts.

Discover Turtle Bay — 2024 Quilt Challenge

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sundial Bridge as the theme of our 2024 quilt show, we felt it was important to focus on the area surrounding the bridge called Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The theme of our Quilt Challenge, “Discover Turtle Bay” will hopefully depict quilts showing various aspects of the Turtle Bay area.  

The Exploration Park is a fun, 300-acre cultural center located along the Sacramento River in Redding.  It features a museum, indoor & outdoor animal exhibits and demonstrations, Paul Bunyan’s Forest Camp with playgrounds, the McConnell Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the garden nursery, and the world-famous Sundial Bridge.  In addition, there are numerous walking trails, opportunities for bird and wildlife watching, including the well-known Redding eagles’ nest, the Garden of Lights, the Wings of Summer butterfly exhibit, access to the river where you can find people fishing and using various types of water craft to navigate the river.

 Turtle Bay Museum is where art, science, history, forestry, and horticulture meet with permanent exhibits about our region and changing exhibits from around the world.  We have been asked to have our Challenge Quilts as one of those exhibits in the museum from Oct.-Dec. 2024 for those quilters who wish to have their quilts on display during that time.  This will be a guild Special Project.

For more information about Turtle Bay, go to turtlebay.org

Quilt Requirements: (Please read carefully)

·       The Challenge will consist of a 20” x 30” size quilt made to depict some aspect of Turtle Bay Exploration Park that you want.  The quilt can be portrait or landscape, must have a 3” sleeve on the back, and can be finished with your choice of edge (binding, envelope finish, etc.)    A special exhibit label will be provided to you.  Embellishments cannot extend more than 1/2” above the surface of the quilt.  (These requirements are important to adhere to since the quilts will be packed and transported for the Turtle Bay Museum exhibit.)  There is no limit to the type of embellishments.

·       Cost to participate in the Challenge is $5 per quilt with a maximum of two quilts/person. This will cover the cost of the quilt show entry and a label to attach to the back of the quilt.

·       An interpretive explanation depicting what your quilt is about and what inspired you will be included in the exhibit.  Please have the attached form filled out when you turn in your quilt.

Due Date:

Quilts will be due at the August 2024 quilt guild meeting.  Earlier submissions can be made through coordination with the co-chairs.    NO LATE QUILT ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! 

Quilts MUST be turned in on a 20”x30” foam core board (can purchase at the Dollar Store) and inside a plastic bag.  This will help to protect your quilt during transportation and storage.

Turtle Bay Special Exhibit:   If you wish to have your quilt in the Turtle Bay Museum Special Exhibit, you will need to fill out and submit the attached form at the time you turn in your quilt for the quilt show.    The guild will not be covering the cost of insurance, so if you wish to have your quilt insured, that is your responsibility.   The co-chairs will keep all quilts that are going to the Turtle Bay Museum after the quilt show.   They will be bagged and kept in boxes for storage and transportation.   At the end of the exhibit, arrangements will be made for quilters to pick up their quilts.  If you chose NOT to have your quilt in the Turtle Bay Museum Exhibit, then you can pick up your quilt at the end of the quilt show.

Judging for Quilt Show:  If you want your quilt to be judged at the quilt show, you will need to fill out the separate guild registration form and pay the judging fee.  

Quilt Challenge Form:  Challenge Quilt Entry Form 2024

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